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A book cover is the first point in a Reader’s journey to choosing Your novel.

The cover alone can make-or-break what that Reader will do next.

Will they click, pick-up, or dismiss?​

Cover Design Services

A professionally designed cover that is tailored to Your original story and fits your genre perfectly is one of the best investments you will make. Covers sell books. It’s that simple.

I have been providing quality book cover designs in both print and ebook since 2012. I have worked with authors all over the world and specialise in photo-manipulation.

As a published writer I understand the importance of a book’s cover, and as a qualified Graphic Designer I am able to provide a professional design service and custom-make a cover for You.

Email today for an obligation Free Quote and let’s chat about your project.

Cover Evaluation

Are you an Author with a Book that’s just not selling?

Can’t understand why? The Reviews are good. You had the book professionally edited…

Maybe the problem is your cover.

Sometimes even a design which looks good just isn’t suited to your audience or genre. That’s not always easy for authors to see as they’re so close to the project. You need an outside view to take an objective look at what your cover is really conveying.

If you have a book cover that’s not doing its job: to make your writing shine, then please talk to me. I offer a no-strings Free evaluation of your cover. Drop me an email today and I will provide my honest feedback at no cost to you.

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Cover Makeover

In this digital age there is simply no reason to stick with the same cover design for eternity. Having a new cover designed is a quick and simple method to help:

  • Refresh or boost dwindling sales

  • Capture the attention of new Readers

  • Create a new talking point for your marketing

  • Help tie together a series

  • Draw attention to an award or other milestone

Email today for an obligation Free Quote and let’s chat about your project.

Kura Carpenter New Zealand Graphic Designer, Book Cover Designer
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