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New Zealand Resources For New Writers

Resources For New Writers

Are you a new writer looking for a bit of guidance? Here’s a selection of resources that I personally recommend:

New Zealand-Wide Writing Groups

RWNZ – Romance Writers of NZ

I don’t care if you don’t write romance, you need to join the RWNZ.

These guys (ok, mostly ladies) are the most helpful, on-to-it bunch of writers you’re going to meet. Ever.

If you want to learn about how to write and how to market and be inspired by genuine, down to earth people who are walking the talk and making a living from writing then you will find them all here in the RWNZ.

They have an amazing annual conference where they bring in agents and editors that you can actually pitch your novel.

Membership approx $60 p.a


For writers, artists, film-makers etc of Fantasy, Sci-fi or Horror.

While SpecficNZ are the cheapest group to join, they don’t offer half of the learning opportunities or competitions that RWNZ have available and unlike the NZSA they lack a bit of organisation.

SpecficNZ are great for networking with Kiwi authors writing in this genre. There are many traditionally published members here proving that kiwis can have success in this field with overseas publishers.

Membership approx $30 p.a

NZSA – New Zealand Society of Authors

The original organisation for professional NZ Authors (called PEN back in ye old days). NZSA remain a bit ‘old school’. They focus less on how to be a writer and more on academic concerns. If you ask them about Facebook ads they might tie you to the stake & shout, ‘Witchcraft!’

If you have ‘University Press’ in your publisher’s name, then these are your people.

If you are thinking of joining the NZSA, do your research as some of the regional groups are barely active. They have useful resources on their website which you don’t have to be a member to access.

Membership approx $125 p.a

New Zealand Writing Podcasts

Self-publishing Authors Podcast – aka the SPA Gals

A group of friends and romance writers, the SpaGals are a must listen for anyone wanting to learn how to be a modern, self-published writer.

They have great guest interviews with people who are at the top of their game, and while the SpaGals style is very—er, conversational, you’re going to be nodding along and wishing they were your friends.

YouTube Channels:

Brandon Sanderson’s Creative Writing lectures

Sanderson is one amazingly articulate teacher. Forget going to a creative writing course, just sit back and watch Brandon Sanderson’s University lectures which have kindly been put on Youtube and get ready to learn. Even though his course is aimed at Fantasy/Sci-fi writers, there’s gems here for all writers of commercial genres.

(Also check out Brandon Sanderson’s collaborative Podcast Writing Excuses – Tip start listening at season 10)

Ellen Brock, Editor – Novel writing advice

I don’t know how I stumbled on Ms Brock, but everything this woman says is pure gold.

Watch all her novel writing bootcamp videos.

Do it now.

What else can you do to help your writing?

1) Find Your Library card.

The Dewy Decimal number 808 is your new best friend/Friday night date.

Time to get comfy, it's book learning time

2) Join a local Writers’ Group.

If there isn’t a local group then stop whining about it and START ONE.
Your future self will Thank You.

Dunedin Writers Workshop recruitment poster - Join the DWW