The Kingfisher's Debt - New Zealand Urban Fantasy Novel

Paperback of The Kiingfisher's Debt

Magic isn’t real, right?

Within the small coastal city of Dunedin, local translator, Tamsin Fairchild has a reputation she hates. People think she’s psychic…

Always hovering around and interfering in Tamsin’s life, part father-figure, part thorn in her side, Detective Jackson, is an old-school cop. Childhood friend to her deceased mother, Tamsin wonders could her mother have let an outsider in on the truth?

Newcomer, rookie cop Scott Gale is forced to team-up with Tamsin when they investigate the disappearance of a newborn baby and a bizarre crime scene—satanic ritual or hoax?

More and more the blame starts to point towards Tamsin…

Tamsin must uncover who’s framing her, find the baby before it’s too late, unravel the mystery behind her elder brother’s disappearance, and stop Scott from entering a world not meant for human eyes.

But Scott has family secrets of his own and Tamsin doesn’t know who to trust.

But can you trust Tamsin? What if the person who saved your life is about to frame you for murder?

Publisher: IFWG Australia

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Reviews of The Kingfisher’s Debt

“I’m thoroughly enjoying this book. If you like your humour as dry as your gin, you’ll love this. Cracking dialogue, and a story that keeps its secrets when it should.”

“A great example of a genre that blends crime drama with fantasy in a modern setting.”

“I love the character Police Chief Jackson, who reminds me of Pratchett’s Vimes (although in a very kiwi way). His humour is dry and his attitude no-nonsense.”

“I was quite quickly addicted once I got into this absolute page turner.”

“The family politics and drama of Outrageous Fortunes with the supernatural intrigue of the Dresden Files.”

“The supernatural aspect is unique and well developed, filled with interesting lore of witches, elementals – and the not-so-fair fair folk. The pacing is excellent, with a pleasing array of twists and turns, a hearty dash of humour.”

“With clever re-imagining of witches as gang members, magic as the drug for sale, and poetic touches of what lives look like on the line between good and evil, Kura brings us a touch of ‘if only’ in Aotearoa.”

“The writing was crisp, clear, and had a cracking pace.”

“The protagonist was unusual and I had to keep reading to find out just what made her tick and just what this magic was all about.”

“The author has a great command of the story, she’s in charge and there is nothing unnecessary here.”

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